The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is a personally traumatic experience. It affects not only the parties to the relationship but also their wider family.

We provide expert assistance with your family law needs including:

  • Negotiating out of court agreements including organising mediation
  • Court cases including urgent applications
  • Property settlements including:
    • Settlements for married and defacto couples
    • Claims by family members who have loaned money to a (now) separated couple.
    • Superannuation splits
    • Setting aside (cancelling) unjust property settlements
  • Parenting disputes including:
    • Where children will live including whether a parent can move with the children to a new location;
    • How much time children will spend with each parent
    • How much time children will spend with a grandparent
    • Whether children can travel overseas
    • Protecting children from risks arising from family violence, drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness.
  • Child support disputes
  • Binding child support agreements
  • Adult child maintenance
  • Maintenance for a former spouse or partner
  • Adoption of a child by a step parent or other family member
  • Drafting binding financial agreements (also called pre-nuptial agreements)
  • Setting aside binding financial agreements
  • Divorce applications

We have a team of Accredited Family Law Specialists who can ensure that your interests are handled sensitively and expertly, having regard to the ever changing law and Court requirements.

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