Property Law

For more than 40 years we have been involved in the development, sale and purchase of properties in the Blue Mountains and wider Sydney area.   We have drafted complex easements and covenants, joint venture agreements and contracts for the sale and development of land.  We have also been involved in litigation regarding the enforcement of easements and the proving of equitable interests in land.  We have on several occasions, acted for clients resisting the actions of Banks to recover land under mortgages.  We have also acted for lenders in securing the performance of loan or obligations by mortgage.

We have also acted extensively for landlords and tenants both in commercial transactions and retail property.  We have also appeared in the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal in the Supreme Court to assist landlords enforce their rights against their tenants who are in default.

We also act for many people buying their first property and we take the time to explain the process and ‘walk them through the process’ to ensure that it runs smoothly. For many it would be the most significant acquisition in their life.

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